You must be Greek by the way you dance!



This weekend was pretty much super fantastic! Over the past month I have
made friends with some amazing people and have created an AWESOME group of friends here. Even though this weekend 3 were away in Istanbul, the other six of us stayed in Athens to rest, shop and enjoy the city. Thursday evening was a lovely relaxing time to watch Dexter (not the best shows, but I HAD TO get through it to get to season six). Fridays, we don’t have class so I sleep in late. It was absolutely beautiful weather. One of the best days in Athens yet. I did all of my laundry at the school and went to meet some friends at the farmers’ market near my apartment. After going there and getting some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and fish available in the city, I am  becoming spoiled with this city’s AMAZING FOOD. When it comes time for me to go back to America and return to horrible processed food, I might just throw up with disgust.
At the farmers market I got lettuce, dill, green onions, blood oranges, strawberries, green beans, spinach, eggs, and a bunch of other food for about 12 euros (about $16), and many were a kilo of each, which is a lot of food for one person. Haggling with the produce vendors allows me to practice the little Greek I know, plus the people there are nice and helpful
to us. Sometimes, we even get free food. Maybe because we were smiling with our teeth. (Smiling with teeth in Greece means your really like a person and are flirting with them, which maybe is why the men gave us more food). After, I went
to work on my research project for my Anthro capstone. The project is researching Greek art and artists. That night, we girls
decided that we were going to make crepes . We had the most amazing crepe with Nutella and bananas while we visited the island of Rhodes, so we wanted to re-create them. While making the crepes, we didn’t really know what we were doing and the instructions on the box were in Greek, but one of the girls managed to make some amazing crepes. We all got together and made savory crepes, drank some wine, and had delicious Nutella and fruit.

The next day, the three of us girls went shopping on Ermou, the main street in the Synagma/Monistiraki area. There were some amazing clothes that I will buy when have the money. We also had American food for the first time in about a month. We bought McDonalds burgers, fries, and milkshakes. SOOOO GOOD. (I temporarily take back what i said about horrible American food; it was more of the thought of home). Later that night we also went to Simply Burger, a Greek burger chain, and had FREAKING AMAZING BURGERS AND FRIES. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS!

Later, we watched How to Train Your Dragon. We were going to go to Gazi and party down at the bars, but on our way there, we stopped at a local bar for cheap drinks so we didn’t have to pay 7-9 Euro a pop, or about 10-12 dollars. We sat and met the owner and his female partner. We sat and talked to them for about an hour, asking them questions and just chilling
with them and listening and singing along to classic rock songs . After, we decided that we were not going to Gazi and were just going to spend the night there.
After a couple of drinks and a few free shots, no one was in the tiny bar so we began to dance. Later some Greek people came in and the owners put on some Greek dancing music. While there we all began to dance and the Greek women
and men were so impressed by my dancing skills, they wanted to dance with me.
So, I danced with one of the women and her boyfriend came over after and said I danced really well and said “you must be Greek!” I felt so FREAKING AMAZING, but I told him I was American. (As if it wasn’t already obvious, he was flirting.) We also got to watch one of the men and one of the women perform the Zimbetiko dance and we threw flower petals, napkins,
and clapped to the beat while they performed. Around 4, the owners said they were going to close up and they played us their favorite song.

Last night was soooooo much fun, I know we will be going there again and again to drink and dance.

Next week, will be a busy one with conservation class, marble class, doing research and drinking at bars with professors. Next Thursday, I will be going to a marble statue show and fire-dancing show, and I will tell y’all how that goes and how my
research had gone.

Till Next Time, Antio!


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