Total Bad-Asses: You never think something bad will happen to you

In an earlier post I said that I was beaten and robbed this past week here in Athens.

Wednesday night at 7:30 a friend and me were walking to a dinner party when we were jumped from behind, viciously struck, kicked and robbed for a pitiful amount. The attack lasted around 5 minutes. Our body, space, and sense of safety were violated that night. After the incident we gathered our things and ran to two women, we saw walking. Thankfully, they were two CYA students who helped us to call the school to send someone to get us. The staff member they sent to us asked us if we wanted to file a police report. We said yes so we went to the local station to file our report.

The police and detectives were horrified at what happened and immediately sent most of their men and women to scour the crime scene. This kind of violent attack, we were told, hardly ever happens in Athens, whose residents pride themselves in having a very safe city. Since my classmate caught a glimpse of one of the men when they were both attacking me, the police set up a time for us to return and look at pictures of past criminals.

The next night (Thursday) I got a call from the staff member who got us that the police had obtained three men who they think may have been one or more of the thieves who attacked us. When we went to the station, the men they showed us were not them. Saturday, we went to the Athenian criminal research institute to look at photos. None of the men in the photos were them either.

Right now, I am fine with what happened to me, I am still going to my classes and hanging out with my friends. My friend and me now look like total bad-asses with our scratched up faces and black eyes. I am just hoping they catch these men so it does not happen to anyone else.

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