And so it begins…

Just finished up my second week here at CYA, and boy, it was interesting.

This week we started our classes, I began my marble carving class, and went to Gazi for the first time.  I was also beaten and robbed, but I’ll talk about that later.

On Monday, I had an 8:30 am lecture on the ancient archaeology of Athens. In this class–we are only in the classroom for 5 sessions– the rest will be visiting the Acropolis and National Archaeology Museum. I am a visual, audio, and kinetic learner so being at the museums and close to the object will greatly help absorbing all the material. (Much better than looking at powerpoints.) I also had an anthropology/ethnography class in which we discuss gender and sexuality in modern Athens. I think this is going to be my favorite class this semester. We get to go out and do participant observations, interviews, and create our own theories about what we discuss, learn, and the research we do. Along with this class I will be conducting my own research on Greek artists influenced by ancient Greek art and architecture.

On Tuesday, I had an ancient Greek sculpture class and Latin 4. In sculpture we will also be traveling to the museums to look at the sculptures. I then had Latin 4. This is going to be my hardest and most scariest class here. The intermediate and advanced Latin classes had to be fused together so I’m with super smart Latin students (as opposed to just OK smart me). We have decided to translate the Trojan Women for the class.

That night, a couple of friends and me decided to take the marble carving class offered after school with a local artists. I am hoping that this will  be my ‘in’ for researching the ancient inspired artists. For my art, the artists told us to pick a symbol that represents us. So, obviously, I will be carving a mermaid, Medusa, Artemis figure into my marble. During the first class, I started to carve into the marble. It is very hard because we only use hand carving tools instead of electric ones. After class, we sat down and had wine and snacks with the rest of the class. There are about 9 CYA students and 4 Greek students. What interested me is that the Greek students were 50-year-old males and the only women were seven women from CYA. I am hoping to look into this when researching the artists.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had classes. On Friday night, I wanted to go out with my friends, we we decided to go too Gazi, the bar and club area of the city. When were got there, there was about 30 CYA students running around the area. When were got out of the metro station, the music from all the bars/clubs were pulsating through the air. There were tons of neon lights, fire, and people running around. The first bar we went to was SOHO. They played American music and had flashing lights. The entire bar was crowded with people talking and watching everyone. The group of CYA students decided that we wanted to dance near the DJ where I got a great view to people watch. After staying there for a while we went to a different bar that was a little more sketchy. A couple of us decided to get a taxi back home. During that night we didn’t realize what time is was (just to let y’all know, Greek people go out late and stay out till the wee hours of the morning) and we got back at 5 am and I fell asleep at 6 (I had to get up at 7:45 for some business to attend to).

Yesterday (Saturday) after I left at 8 am to go the  the Athenian criminal studies place and left around 11 and fell asleep for the rest of the day.  That night 14 of us went out to a tarverna for dinner (the same one I had gone to for my CYA staff/professor/student dinner). We had the most delicious food and sat around and talked for hours. After a couple of us went back to a friends apartment where we smoked some hookah on the balcony and talked till 1 am.

So, this was my second week here in Athens Greece, can’t wait to see what the rest hold!

my friend pretending to shoot an arrow so I could get the arm positioning right for my mermaid

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