I Knew This Would Happen……

After being accepted into the CYA program, it has been difficult for me to study, write papers, and do my homework. All I have been doing lately is reading websites, book, and blogs about Greece;


and of course, I knew this would happen.


I can’t wait for Winter break to come along so I can study up on modern Greek, read about the culture, find fun spots to hang in during my stay Athens, and go SHOPPING for winter clothes and new school supplies.

Aside from reading websites, I wonder about my academic life will be like. I wonder who my roommates will be, will we get along, what my classes will be like, if they will be hard, easy, what places I will travel too, and what new adventures I will go on.

Well, I better go back to not working on my homework, and starting it at 2am.

I knew this  would happen, MLe

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