Missing Athens and Remembering Old Friends

Here are my thoughts after returning from a semester in Athens, Greece.

I had a great time and made some fabulous friends while studying abroad my junior year. We ventured around this modern city, clashing with the ancient one in architecture and design, but not in spirit. We drank and danced with the locals around Athens and the islands, explored ancient sites weekly, learned traditional Greek cuisine  and relaxed on the island beaches.

During the last few weeks, I spent time on the islands of Paros, Crete, and Santorini, some school trips, others weekends with my friends. But what mattered most about studying in Athens was the people I spent time with and the memories we created.

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You must be Greek by the way you dance!



This weekend was pretty much super fantastic! Over the past month I have
made friends with some amazing people and have created an AWESOME group of friends here. Even though this weekend 3 were away in Istanbul, the other six of us stayed in Athens to rest, shop and enjoy the city. Thursday evening was a lovely relaxing time to watch Dexter (not the best shows, but I HAD TO get through it to get to season six). Fridays, we don’t have class so I sleep in late. It was absolutely beautiful weather. One of the best days in Athens yet. I did all of my laundry at the school and went to meet some friends at the farmers’ market near my apartment. After going there and getting some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and fish available in the city, I am  becoming spoiled with this city’s AMAZING FOOD. When it comes time for me to go back to America and return to horrible processed food, I might just throw up with disgust.
At the farmers market I got lettuce, dill, green onions, blood oranges, strawberries, green beans, spinach, eggs, and a bunch of other food for about 12 euros (about $16), and many were a kilo of each, which is a lot of food for one person. Haggling with the produce vendors allows me to practice the little Greek I know, plus the people there are nice and helpful
to us. Sometimes, we even get free food. Maybe because we were smiling with our teeth. (Smiling with teeth in Greece means your really like a person and are flirting with them, which maybe is why the men gave us more food). After, I went
to work on my research project for my Anthro capstone. The project is researching Greek art and artists. That night, we girls
decided that we were going to make crepes . We had the most amazing crepe with Nutella and bananas while we visited the island of Rhodes, so we wanted to re-create them. While making the crepes, we didn’t really know what we were doing and the instructions on the box were in Greek, but one of the girls managed to make some amazing crepes. We all got together and made savory crepes, drank some wine, and had delicious Nutella and fruit.

The next day, the three of us girls went shopping on Ermou, the main street in the Synagma/Monistiraki area. There were some amazing clothes that I will buy when have the money. We also had American food for the first time in about a month. We bought McDonalds burgers, fries, and milkshakes. SOOOO GOOD. (I temporarily take back what i said about horrible American food; it was more of the thought of home). Later that night we also went to Simply Burger, a Greek burger chain, and had FREAKING AMAZING BURGERS AND FRIES. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS!

Later, we watched How to Train Your Dragon. We were going to go to Gazi and party down at the bars, but on our way there, we stopped at a local bar for cheap drinks so we didn’t have to pay 7-9 Euro a pop, or about 10-12 dollars. We sat and met the owner and his female partner. We sat and talked to them for about an hour, asking them questions and just chilling
with them and listening and singing along to classic rock songs . After, we decided that we were not going to Gazi and were just going to spend the night there.
After a couple of drinks and a few free shots, no one was in the tiny bar so we began to dance. Later some Greek people came in and the owners put on some Greek dancing music. While there we all began to dance and the Greek women
and men were so impressed by my dancing skills, they wanted to dance with me.
So, I danced with one of the women and her boyfriend came over after and said I danced really well and said “you must be Greek!” I felt so FREAKING AMAZING, but I told him I was American. (As if it wasn’t already obvious, he was flirting.) We also got to watch one of the men and one of the women perform the Zimbetiko dance and we threw flower petals, napkins,
and clapped to the beat while they performed. Around 4, the owners said they were going to close up and they played us their favorite song.

Last night was soooooo much fun, I know we will be going there again and again to drink and dance.

Next week, will be a busy one with conservation class, marble class, doing research and drinking at bars with professors. Next Thursday, I will be going to a marble statue show and fire-dancing show, and I will tell y’all how that goes and how my
research had gone.

Till Next Time, Antio!


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I know it has been about a month since I have written to y’all. It’s not so much that I have been super busy, which I have been, it’s that I have been recuperating. A LOT LOT LOT of things (both good and bad) have happened to me since I last wrote here.

Lets start from the third week and work our way forward shall we.

The third week of school I went to classes and hung out. That week it
was my roommates 21st birthday so I went out to celebrate with her
that Friday. The first night we went out to a couple of bars, had hookah,
and stayed out till about 6 am. The next night about 15 of us including the
birthday girl decided on going on the Athens Bar Crawl. This event takes
you to three bars in the Monasiraki, Psiri and Plaka area and you end at a
club in Syntagma. We went to a bar in the Manasiraki area first. It had
about 4 levels, each one different. One has chess, another dance music,
one a lounge area. The next bar was in Psiri and it was a live music bar. On
our way to the third bar I got electrocuted.  Yes, you read that right, electrocuted. That was an interesting
and not enjoyable experience. It was raining out and as we crossed the street my legs
spazed a little bit. I walked a little more and then my legs spazed again.
I though they were asleep because they had that tingling feeling you get when you get up from sitting position and your legs as asleep. I shook them out and then went to go and lean against something a light pole. At that moment they
shook again, I reached out for something to steady myself, unluckily for me, it was a metal pole. This caused the charge to be grounded and I fell to the sidewalk seizing. As I lay on the ground, my fingers were tingling so I thew off my rings. Our tour guide ran over to see if I was OK. I told him that I was electrocuted but I was OK. He helped me up and the group
walked to the next bar. There I got a free beer and sat on a bag of ice because I re-broke my tailbone when I fell. The last place we went to was a club in Syntagma where we danced the night away. Yes, I did stay
out till about 4 after I got electrocuted and re-broke my tailbone. (How I broke it the first time is an unhappy story and am not yet ready to talk about it, just say mugged for now.)

The next week we had only 1 day of class and then we went off to the Peloponnese. You remember, the place where the Spartans lived. On the trip we started off going to the Corinth Canal, then we went to Ismea and Nemea and ended up at Napflio, the first capital of ancient Greece. We went to the temples of Zeus and Posidon and got to walk on the temple of Posidon. The town of Napflio was very cute and had the best gelato outside of Italy. That night we went to a taverna and then went to bed. The next day our group went to Mycene where we were able to go down inside the bedrock to the underground spring. We then went to the Argive Herion and ate lunch there. That night was also stayed in Napflio and had a nice pizza dinner. I then went to get a new green nose ring and sleep.

The next day we went to ancient Sparta (where there was nothing but an ancient Persian agora and a Roman theatre). It was disappointing after about the stories of Spartans. where is Gerard Butler when you need him? Our first stop was the sanctuary of Artemis which was fenced off. We were there for hours walking around in the rain and cold and only had twenty minutes to visit Mistra right on the hillside. It was an absolutely beautiful old city and monastery. Right after we went to Kalamata (famous for their olives) and had a delicious dinner at a taverna. I had SWORDFISH!!! It was soooo amazing. Again i am falling in love with Greek cuisine, so fresh and delicious. After we went to a cute little bar and then back to bed. The hotel was a beautiful five start hotel. The next day we went to Messene on the hillsides. It was stunningly beautiful and had the sanctuary of Artemis. There, I gave a lock of my blue hair in offering. We then headed to Olympia. That morning, there was a widely covered and daring robbery at the Olympic museum at Olympia as we were heading out that day. When we got there at night, a group of us walked around the deserted town and went into a small Greek Orthodox church. There we meet the priest and his wife and son. They were extremely nice. What I found interesting about the people here in Greece is that when you tell them you are from America they then ask where your forefathers are from. They don’t accept you are American, they want to know what your ethnicity is. It’s perhaps a euro-centric thing. white Americans are mostly from Europe, right? So, I have to say my ancestors were from Ireland and Sweden and that seems to satisfy everyone here. The next day we stayed at Olympia and walked around the museum and site which was beautiful. (Am i using that word too much? perhaps. but it’s truly beautiful, visually stunning, gorgeous, grand, exquisite, prepossessing, handsome, alluring. there, i’ve pretty much summed up the place.

The next week we started our full school schedule. It was also the last week of Carnival. Carnival lasts for three weeks and it leads up to Greek Easter which uses the orthodox calendar and not the roman calendar. During this time there are street parties, parties at clubs and bar and people dress up like it is Halloween. When we were at Sparta we saw school children dancing the Macarena and dressed up with decorations everywhere. For this last Carnival weekend a group of us headed to the Dodhekanisos island of Rhodes off the coast of Turkey.

Rhodes was so beautiful (there we go again). After we took our hour plane ride we caught a taxi to Old Town where we were staying in a hostel. When we were dropped off by the taxi, we were standing in front of an old castle fortress. We were unsure why we were at an site and he told us this was Old Town. Our friends who had come a night before greeted us and told us that we were staying IN THE FORTRESS WITH A MOAT AND TOWERS because our hostel, tavernas, bars, clubs, shops and houses were inside the fortress!!!!

Even though it was not tourist season and hardly anything was open and
people were confused why we were there this early in the season, it was
amazing and we had so much fun. The first day we got there we walked
around the Old and New Towns of Rhodes. In one of the squares there
were parrots which we got to hold. We played around in one of the
fortess areas and walked around New Town. We went to the beach which
had small rocks instead of sand and we went to a small aquarium to look
at the sea creatures that would be found around the island. The next day
we took a two hour bus ride to the town of Lindos which has a fantastic
Acropolis and beautiful beaches. When we got there we decided that we
were going to swim no matter how cold it was (and it was freezing) after
about 30 minutes we laid to get warm (which didn’t work because it
was cold and windy.) By that time it was the afternoon and we were
starving. We walked around the town for about an hour, but NOTHING
WAS OPEN. Finally, I found the cutest couple and asked for their help.
They walked around with us and asked the rest of the locals for any
restaurants open. However, they were all closed so we sat on a dock,
drank some beers, and ate what little snacks from the super market we
could find. After, we caught the bus ride back to Rhodes Town and ate
at a nice taverna there. It was owned by a Greek man who had moved to
America, married an American women, had a child with her and after four
years moved back to Greece and opened a taverna. Now, his son is the
waiter and his wife is the chef. The rest of the night, we decided to go to
the bars and danced the night away for the end of Carnival. The next day
we were so tired so we just walked around New Town, and went to the
archaeological sites. We saw the Acropolis, the Temple of Apollo, the
Temple of Apollo, Sanctuary of Artemis, and the theatre and stadium.
That night we were so tired from walking around all day that we crashed.
The next day was our last and we stayed in a taverna for 5 hours, eating
delicious food and keeping out of the rain. After we hoped on our flight
back to Athens. That lovely four day weekend there was sun everyday
and the weather was mostly warm. However, arriving in Athens it was 5
degrees Celsius, raining, and windy.  So long wonderful weather.

It’s Thursday night, having having somewhat of an eventful week. I didn’t have my pottery conservation class but I did have my marble carving class. In my marble carving class I am making a mermaid with a bow and arrow and snakes in her hair (a mermaid/Artemis/Medusa figure). Tuesday we had a spaghetti dinner with my delicious sauce and I got the teacher and his assistant to have interviews with me for my capstone data collection. I also fell and hurt my tailbone again, but I’m OK.

So, I am excited to relax and do all of my chores for this weekend.

Sorry for my lateness but have a wonderful Lent!


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Total Bad-Asses: You never think something bad will happen to you

In an earlier post I said that I was beaten and robbed this past week here in Athens.

Wednesday night at 7:30 a friend and me were walking to a dinner party when we were jumped from behind, viciously struck, kicked and robbed for a pitiful amount. The attack lasted around 5 minutes. Our body, space, and sense of safety were violated that night. After the incident we gathered our things and ran to two women, we saw walking. Thankfully, they were two CYA students who helped us to call the school to send someone to get us. The staff member they sent to us asked us if we wanted to file a police report. We said yes so we went to the local station to file our report.

The police and detectives were horrified at what happened and immediately sent most of their men and women to scour the crime scene. This kind of violent attack, we were told, hardly ever happens in Athens, whose residents pride themselves in having a very safe city. Since my classmate caught a glimpse of one of the men when they were both attacking me, the police set up a time for us to return and look at pictures of past criminals.

The next night (Thursday) I got a call from the staff member who got us that the police had obtained three men who they think may have been one or more of the thieves who attacked us. When we went to the station, the men they showed us were not them. Saturday, we went to the Athenian criminal research institute to look at photos. None of the men in the photos were them either.

Right now, I am fine with what happened to me, I am still going to my classes and hanging out with my friends. My friend and me now look like total bad-asses with our scratched up faces and black eyes. I am just hoping they catch these men so it does not happen to anyone else.

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And so it begins…

Just finished up my second week here at CYA, and boy, it was interesting.

This week we started our classes, I began my marble carving class, and went to Gazi for the first time.  I was also beaten and robbed, but I’ll talk about that later.

On Monday, I had an 8:30 am lecture on the ancient archaeology of Athens. In this class–we are only in the classroom for 5 sessions– the rest will be visiting the Acropolis and National Archaeology Museum. I am a visual, audio, and kinetic learner so being at the museums and close to the object will greatly help absorbing all the material. (Much better than looking at powerpoints.) I also had an anthropology/ethnography class in which we discuss gender and sexuality in modern Athens. I think this is going to be my favorite class this semester. We get to go out and do participant observations, interviews, and create our own theories about what we discuss, learn, and the research we do. Along with this class I will be conducting my own research on Greek artists influenced by ancient Greek art and architecture.

On Tuesday, I had an ancient Greek sculpture class and Latin 4. In sculpture we will also be traveling to the museums to look at the sculptures. I then had Latin 4. This is going to be my hardest and most scariest class here. The intermediate and advanced Latin classes had to be fused together so I’m with super smart Latin students (as opposed to just OK smart me). We have decided to translate the Trojan Women for the class.

That night, a couple of friends and me decided to take the marble carving class offered after school with a local artists. I am hoping that this will  be my ‘in’ for researching the ancient inspired artists. For my art, the artists told us to pick a symbol that represents us. So, obviously, I will be carving a mermaid, Medusa, Artemis figure into my marble. During the first class, I started to carve into the marble. It is very hard because we only use hand carving tools instead of electric ones. After class, we sat down and had wine and snacks with the rest of the class. There are about 9 CYA students and 4 Greek students. What interested me is that the Greek students were 50-year-old males and the only women were seven women from CYA. I am hoping to look into this when researching the artists.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had classes. On Friday night, I wanted to go out with my friends, we we decided to go too Gazi, the bar and club area of the city. When were got there, there was about 30 CYA students running around the area. When were got out of the metro station, the music from all the bars/clubs were pulsating through the air. There were tons of neon lights, fire, and people running around. The first bar we went to was SOHO. They played American music and had flashing lights. The entire bar was crowded with people talking and watching everyone. The group of CYA students decided that we wanted to dance near the DJ where I got a great view to people watch. After staying there for a while we went to a different bar that was a little more sketchy. A couple of us decided to get a taxi back home. During that night we didn’t realize what time is was (just to let y’all know, Greek people go out late and stay out till the wee hours of the morning) and we got back at 5 am and I fell asleep at 6 (I had to get up at 7:45 for some business to attend to).

Yesterday (Saturday) after I left at 8 am to go the  the Athenian criminal studies place and left around 11 and fell asleep for the rest of the day.  That night 14 of us went out to a tarverna for dinner (the same one I had gone to for my CYA staff/professor/student dinner). We had the most delicious food and sat around and talked for hours. After a couple of us went back to a friends apartment where we smoked some hookah on the balcony and talked till 1 am.

So, this was my second week here in Athens Greece, can’t wait to see what the rest hold!

my friend pretending to shoot an arrow so I could get the arm positioning right for my mermaid

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Best Background

greece 123

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1 Down

So here I am, sitting on my bed on a gloomy Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, eating bread from the bakery next door and meats from a past tavern dinner, reminiscing about my Athenian adventures that I have had here in the first week.

On, the first day (Monday) the rest of the students arrived at CYA. I was running around all day getting my room ready, and meeting my new flat mates and fellow students. As previously stated in the blog before, I had a very busy first afternoon-night running around and settling into Athens. The second day was no exception, got up at 10 and ran around until midnight.

On my third day (Tuesday and the start of Orientation) we had to be at the school by 9 for breakfast    [ 😦  so early]  and introductions and our first class of the week Survival Modern Greek. Two of my roommates and a few of my fellow acquaintances were in the class with me and we learned the Greek alphabet, pronunciation and a couple of words. We then had lunch and it was SOOOOO GOOOOOD! I can’t wait to be eating like this every day. Later, we had more lectures and introductions and then had neighborhood walk with a professor. CYA is right next to the Panathiaiko stadium (first stadium of the modern day Olympics). She took us back the the track and to a hidden spot on the hill where you can look out over Athens – from the Acropolis, to Lykavittos Hill, and out to the sea. It was beautiful. That night we had a few words from the presidents and two dancers can to teach us some Greek dances. It was fun to watch the students dance. After that, a group of 9 of us headed out to find a taverna for dinner. We found a nice small one and ordered wine, souvlaki, and salads. I had an interesting conversation with the girls. We talked about art, archaeology, religion (all academic stuff) then down to trash TV like Jersey Shore. It was a fantastic conversation and I got some more views on questions and thoughts I had.

(Wednesday) The next day we had more Survival Modern Greek and then my friends and I walked to the AB grocery store. Since, we had time off before we were heading out to the Taverna Dinner, Rachel and Jenna; two girls I meet, decided that we were going to visit the Acropolis. I walked them to the Acropolis metro station and we gazed in wonder at its magnificence. Since it was drizzling, we decided to visit the New Acropolis Museum instead. Inside it was beautiful! So many of the statues I was taught about in Greek History and Art History where there. I just wanted to touch them all! It was SOOOOO AMAZING! Some of the archaeologists had set up a laser treatment for the Caryatids, getting rid of the mold and mildew and other pollutants on the statues. They were beautiful. Each was sculpted with different braided hairstyles. It was breathtaking. We then walked out to the second floor coffee shop and balcony and looked out at the Acropolis. The rain had stopped and the sun was setting by the acropolis. Added to the beauty of it all were two rainbows arched over the neighborhood.

That night I had decided to go on the tavern dinner and meet more students and staff. For four hours I sat and talked with the librarian, front desk woman and a student. They talked about fun things to do in Athens, their lives, and asked us questions. And, we had the most amazing food. 10 appetizers consisting of salads, cheeses, breads, vegetables, a meat platter of chicken, pork, sausage, and meat balls, and 4 desserts along with wines and a cleansing cinnamon flavored shot.

Thursday, we had our Survival Modern Greek class and then walked to the U.S. Embassy in Athens. After, a group of us walked to Kolonaki and back. That night, Felicia took us to a gyro shop and we had delicious gyros.

Friday was our last day of Survival Modern Greek and the day of our scavenger hunt. We were placed into a group of 9 students and we walked all over the city of Athens for 3 hours. We did not even finish 1/3 of the tasks because we were so tired. That night a group of us went to the ‘”pirate bar” in Pagrati, a 2 minute walk from our apartment. It was decked out in a sea and pirate related ornamentations and they played rock music. We got in a 2.

Saturday morning, a group of us went out to Syntagma and Exharia. Ally, Lindsay and I wanted to go to the outdoor market in Exharia to buy and look around. When we got there, we were strolling along with all the people staring at us (and my blue hair). All of a sudden, this older man comes up to us and grabed my hand and places a giant lemon in it. (It was so big I thought it was a grapefruit at first). He told me that I was beautiful and loved my blue hair and kissed my hand. Ally then walked up and he handed her a lemon. He told us he sold lemons and oranges and then gave us one each. He asked where we were from and we told him America. He enjoyed talking to us and told us to come back to his shop.

Later that night, my flat mates and I decided to go to Psiri and hit up the bars there. We had a huge group of us (9) and they were already crowded when we got there. We decided it was best to split up, so Mary, Ashley and I hit us this little bar. Inside it had an island theme, disco ball and tree branch chandelier (something out of Urban Outfitters/Free People store). We sat at the nonexistent bar and chatted for three hours. During that time, some 40-year-old man started talking to us and asking us why we were in Athens. We told him we were all anthropologists studying in Athens for 4 months and he asked us a couple more questions. When we were leaving, he ran out after us and gave us his number and his card. We told him we would call before he left for Haiti to do some United Nations work. We then met up with the rest of the group at a bar they were at. They had pumping dance music and a lively atmosphere. We then walked back through the National Gardens to our apartments.

So, today, is Sunday, and I start class tomorrow at 8:30 am with my roommates. I am excited and nervous about starting my academic time here; however, I think I will have fun learning about topics I feel passionate about.

Till next time, MLe


ImageThe Acropolis view from the New Acropolis Museum

ImageThe rainbow


another view from the balcony of the museum


the view of the Acropolis from the stadium

the stadium

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The Beautiful View

So, I know everybody has been wondering what my apartment looks like in Athens.

Well, I live in the Pagrati neighborhood of Athens. The school is about a 5-10 minute walk, depending if there is tons of traffic on the main street behind the school. I live on the first floor of the apartment building, which is considered the second floor in the states. Our apartment is very small, and my flatmates and I are the only CYA students in the building. However, across the street a group of CYA boys live in the apartments over there.

Upon entering our abode, you have the very tiny common room and shutters to Felicia’s room. You turn left and go down the hall to the rest of our apartment. On the right is my room and on the left is our bathroom and coat closet. We have a real classy bathroom with a bidet. Further on the right is Mary and Ashley’s room and at the end of the hall is our kitchen.

I have my very own room, which I must say is the best room in the flat. I have my very own balcony with furniture, a huge closet and plenty of space for activities!

Here are the pictures below of my wonderful room, balcony view, and our classy bathroom and bidet!


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Be Brave & Go!

This is what the man who almost hit me on his motorcycle said to me about jaywalking in Athens. And, yes. I took his advice. But not just on jaywalking, but about trying new things, and going on adventures here in Greece. I think this will be my motto for this new semester and new year. 

Thanks, man on motorcycle. You have taught me a valuable lesson!

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Young, Independent, Women

We are young, independent, women! – Linnea, Felicia, and my motivational phrase for lugging our massive and heavy luggage from the Acropolis to CYA, then to our hotel. Mind you that it was no walk in the park, which Linnea and I did while walking down Vassileos Konstandinou street near the Panathinaiko Stadium.

After meeting Linnea and Felicia at the Athens Airport, the three of us took the metro into the city. We knew to stay on the blue line, and then thought it would be a closer walk to get off at the Acropolis exit and walk to our hotel. Boy, where we wrong. Linnea is an anthropology student from Pennsylvania and Felicia is also studying anthropology and from New York City. We had met on Facebook and decided to meet at the Athens airport and share a taxi to the school.

First mistake: we got on the red line going north instead of west. Which in turn we had to go on the red line heading in the south/west direction.

So, to make up for our first mistake we got to see the Acropolis. Which totally made the mistake worth it. We then got our bearings straight and headed south then east towards our hotel. I had brought one rolling suitcase so I had no trouble lugging it around. However, Linnea brought two rollers, which was a little more trouble, and Felicia had two rolling ones that had wheels that were kinda broke. So she had the most difficultly dragging them around the city.

While, walking to the hotel, people kept on staring at us while we struggled with all the suitcases. it probably also didn’t help that they were also noticing my bright blue/teal hair.

When we were about halfway to the hotel and CYA, we decided to put Felicia in a cab. The directions were printed in English, so the driver had no idea what it way saying. We eventually gave him the CYA’s address (in Greek) and told him to drop her off there. However, he was saying that the school was closed, while we were trying to tell him that we were walking to meet Felicia there. Eventually, we came to an agreement and he was going to drop her off on Eratosthenous street and we would meet her there.

Linnea and I walked up the street to the CYA’s academic center, and Felicia wasn’t there. We looked all around the school and decided to drop off our luggage then walk around to look for her. We walked up a steep street then walked back down stairs to find the hotel. Then we went out to look for Felicia. We walked up and down Eratosthenous and down through narrow alleys, then around the stadium and back to the school. We decided to walk down Eratosthenous one more time and head toward the park (cause the taxi driver kept pointing there). We passed this cute little bakery and I looked in the window and kept walking. All of a sudden, a girl inside yelled to us. She was one of the CYA students.

Meeting her, she told us that she had found Felicia and they walked to the hotel together. Linnea and me were so re-leaved that she wasn’t missing or worse. So, with that misadventure taken care of, we walked to Allison and Linnea’s apartment to see what it looked like. Afterwards we met Felicia back at the hotel. She had already had dinner, and by this point all Linnea and I wanted to do was eat and sleep.

We asked the hotel lady to recommend a place and she mentioned a taverna down the street. We walked in to find it empty, and a waiter sat us down. We decided that we were going to split a meal/appetizers and wanted to know his recommendation. We called the waiter over and asked him what he thought was the best item on the menu. However, he didn’t speak English so he called a woman over. She asked us what we wanted and we told her the best food you have. She spoke to the waiter in Greek and then said that we could order more food later. She brought us out some delicious red wine and bread while me and Linnea waited for our food. She brought us tazizki sauce, fried zucchini, fries, and meatballs. It was delicious. However, we needed water, being dehydrated from the plane, jet lag, and running around Pagrati looking for Felicia. We  got the waiter to come over, but he had no idea what we were saying and then left.

When we were done we kept on trying to get the waiter’s attention. I tried to keep making eye contact with him, but he would look away. We did this around 20 times, and I think he thought I was trying to flirt or something. Finally, we waved him over and asked for the check. He brought us out our check and a dessert, which was like bread pudding, but also like a slice of sugar/spices. It was good, nevertheless. We gave him the money and went back to the hotel to shower and sleep after our adventurous day.

Day one in Athens, complete.

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